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Anthropomorphoscape on the Hudson

Copyright David G. Wilson

Acylic on canvas; 2001-2003, Collection of the artist.


This painting and text are published via this medium only for the intellectual edification of the general public . No unauthorized commercial use is allowed without expressed written permission.

The smoke rises vertically into the shy from the banks of the river. The ruins of some destroyed buildings morph into a sacrificial lamb. The innocent child straddles the lamb and is also sacrificed. There is a young boy chasing after a fleeting bird that he is determined to catch. There are great losses and ruins everywhere. Times have been good in the past and a bird of the same feather has grown fat as it luxuriates in the lap of Mother Mary. That bird, although it appears to be innocuous, is treacherously stabbing Mother Mary in the back with its beak; its long neck curled around to her back.

Despite his domesticated appearance, that bird is a vulture; for only the vulture thrives on the corpses of the dead. Are you searching for the vulture? He is there, look closely and carefully, for he blends in easily, bathed in the luxuriant verdure of his host. He is so comfortable as he reclines in the lap of Mother Mary whom he betrays by stabbing in the back and blames her for his misdeed. He has bitten the hand that fed him. Be vigilant, he is among us. He is fearsome and dangerous and Mother Mary has trusted him too much. Now even her mother, Anne, has become a victim of the treachery of that same bird that also nests in her tree.

This painting is derived from Leonardo da Vinci's painting in the Louvre entitled " St Anne, Mary and the infant Jesus" . Leonardo challenged the artist to enhance his inventive faculties by staring at stains on a wall to perceive whatever his mind's eye may perceive. The method works, indeed, and I have been able to bring forth my idiosyncracies as they emerge in many images that I behold.

The painting was begun after the 911 disaster and completed two(2) years later on the afternoon of the 2003 blackout.

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