Attributes of Dominique Kubuli

Video presentation of the painting to the Dominica Museum.

Vonnie and I at the Dominica Museum

Copyright David G. Wilson

Acrylic on canvas, 73"x38", 1999; Collection of Dominca National Museum


These paintings and text are published via this medium only for the intellectual edification of the general public . No unauthorized commercial use is allowed without expressed written permission.

Wally's friend at the Museum

Wally's friend at the Museum

Dominique represented Dominica in Peru at a show sponsored by OAS.

Dominique is the personification of the most beautiful island in the Caribbean where I was born. In this picture, I anthropomorphized her using mnemonic images that characterize her agriculturally based economy and the most beautiful harbor in the world which is my hometown of Portsmouth. Her delicate 'hand of bananas' are the sweetest in the world and her succulent 'grapefruits' have nourished the best that I know. In her 'basket' bosom, survives one of the sturdiest specimens of humanity- the native and original Karifuna who are popularly known as Caribs- a derrogatory misnomer, meaning 'cannibal', applied to them by Christopher Columbus. The map that hangs in the background represents the national bird - the Sisserou parrot. As she poses, one gets the impression that she is prepared to play second fiddle to no one.

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