*The Enigma of Synchronicity:

The Curse of Tecumseh


AZero FactorTragedy

Copyright David G. Wilson

Oil on canvas, 5' 10"x 21' 9", 1983; Collection of the artist.


These paintings and text are published via this medium only for the intellectual edification of the general public . No unauthorized commercial use is allowed without expressed written permission.

The Enigma of Synchronicity: The Zero Factor Legacy.is indeed an enigmatic event that intrigued me when I first read about it in a comic book. Considering my source, I decided to do research on this bewildering occurence and discovered that it was all true.

This issue deals with the sudden and mysterious deaths of seven presidents who were all elected in years that ended with zero. The occurence was repeated in cycles of twenty years (20) and continued for one hundred and forty (140) years. The victims were:

1840: *William H.Harrison: Died. 1841.

1860: *Abraham Lincoln: Shot, 1865.

1880: *James A.Garfield: Shot, 1881.

1900: *William McKinley: Shot, 1901.

1920: *Warren G. Harding: Died, 1923.

1940: *Franklin D. Roosevelt: Died, 1945.

1960: *John F. Kennedy: Shot, 1963.

It began with William H. Harrison who made a treaty with the native Americans. The treaty took much of native American lands. Tecumseh (Tecumseh means "shooting star" or "meteor") and his brother, Tenskwatawa who was known to settlers as "The Shawnee Prophet", tried to unite the Native American tribes to resist the encroachments by the settlers, but lost to William H. Harrison at the "Battle of Tippicanoe". It is alledged that a curse was cast on the settlers. Hence, none of these presidents, elected in years ending in zero, survived to the end of their terms in office until...

*Ronald Wilson Reagan

President Reagan was elected in 1980 and might have been the next victim of theCurse of Tecumseh because in 1981, John Hinckley Jr. made an attempt on the life of President Reagan. It appeared that the cycle would have continued, but fortunately he failed. President Reagan survived the assasination attempt and the end of his two terms in office. So the cycle was broken.

When President Reagan was shot in 1981, I was quite shocked that I was witnessing "prophesy" during my lifetime. Somehow, inspite of my surprise, I felt that I had premonitions of it, after having read and researched the phenomenon. Simultaneously, I was disappointed at the return to Spain, in that same year, of Picasso's "Guernica". So, I decided to create my own epic painting based on American history. So, there you are:

'Enigma of Synchronicity'

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