Rubric for Scoring Content Written Part of Project

* “Mnemonic Images” are the individual objects that one recognizes within an image. Score multipier = "Score x 5" = Total Score.


5 points

4 points

3 points

2 points

1 point

*Ability to recognize a “mnemonic image”. Score based on # of mnemonic images you recognize.

Recognize 5 “mnemonic images”

Recognize 4 “mnemonic images”

Recognize at least 3 “mnemonic images”

Recognize at least 2 “mnemonic images”

Recognize at least 1 “mnemonic image”

Analysis of Individual's imagery

Has Clear, Strong ability to analyze and identify “mnemonic imagery”

 Analysis Has Considerable Reasoning to Support the Student's Viewpoint

Analysis Has Some feasible Reasoning to Support the Student's Viewpoint 

Analysis Has Individual's Limited Reasoning to Support the Student's Viewpoint 

Minimal analytic faculties 

Completion of Essay and presentation

Completion and presentation of essay

Effective arguments to justify  


Effective juxtaposition of imagery

Recognition of comparable images 

Presentation of

some imagery 

Extra Credit

Earn 5 extra credit points.

Earn 4 extra credit points

Earn 3 extra credit points