(You may print the Instructions so that you can follow them in an orderly manner.)


     (1)     Now that you have been introduced by the Power Point presentation,

               follow the instructions.


(2)     Observe closely the comparisons of the artist’s works and what he has

          done in transforming the most famous and recognizable

          painting in the world, through his own perception. 


(3)    Then, after reading the history of "Anthropomorphic Perception,"

         go to the Mona Lisa page and observe how he has transformed

         that image into multiple and various alternate realities,

         dissecting the image into its component mnemonic contents.


(4)    Proceed to the page where he gives a breakdown and scrutinized every

         detail and compares each part to show how he arrived at the particular 



(5)    You can then revisit the images seen in the Power-Point presentation as

         they are on the fixed webpage and scrutinize them more closely, so that

         you may be able to understand his perceptual conclusions.  


(6)    You can then test your perceptive faculties on the images in Quiz #1.

         This is a Microsoft Word document.


(7)    If you are satisfied then tackle Quiz #2. This is also a Microsoft Word



(8)    So you think you’re good at this! Then, go on and do battle with the

              ultimate test and describe your findings in a brief essay.      Asterisk *

              indicates writing assignment.


(9)    Test your performance against the Evaluation Rubric.


    (10)    What’s your score?