Copyright David G. Wilson

Acrylic on plywood, mounted on mirror frame, 35"x28", 1999;Collection of the artist.


These paintings and text are published via this medium only for the intellectual edification of the general public . No unauthorized commercial use is allowed without expressed written permission.

This is an introspective self-portrait which 'reflects' my creative obsession when in the environment of my studio. The artist in me sees the studio as a triplicate incarnation of my alter-ego, wherein my art studio paraphernalia are transformed into metaphors for significant facial attributes.

It is said that the mirror is a window onto the soul. I have frequently sought to invoke the contents of my own soul for whatever lies therein. Invariably, what is reflected is the ever active machination of my mind creating visual pun imagery. My palette and brushes speak volumes about an incurable malady which afflicts an introspective painter. Symbolically, I eat and breathe paint. My eyes see reality and transform it into 'alternate realities'. My repetitive use of the mirror not only reflects the way in which I see myself, but unfortunately how I will be seen by my audience. The self-portait not only relects the artist's search for self comprehension, but also an implacable narcissism that artists unwittingly project to the world.

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