The following photos show mom's aging progrssion.

At age 88 in 1999->*La maternité de mon art,

At age 90 in 2001->*Mom at age 90.

At age 95 in 2006->*She was laughing at us for putting her in a wheelchair.

At age 98 in 2009->*Mom (now blind) and me, in August.

Copyright © David G. Wilson

Oil on masonite, 36"x24", 1991; Collection of the artist.


These paintings and text are published via this medium only for the intellectual edification of the general public . No unauthorized commercial use is allowed without expressed written permission.

La maternité de mon artrelates to the locus and starting point of my artistic journey. It was in Portsmouth, Commonwealth of Dominica, W.I. that this journey began. My mother, *Mrs Leoma A Wilson, inadvertently planted in my mind, the concept of visual pun and from then onward, I have been able to perceive multiple hidden imagery in whatever I behold.

Here she is at 95 years of age:Mom


"Anthropomorphism :An exercise in Ultra Perceptive Plausible Juxtaposition" germinated in my mind when my mother began to teach my late brother, *Edward, and me to read. She would insist, even during vacation time, that we do at least one hour of reading before we were free to go outdoors. On one occasion, she began to quiz us on the material that we were supposed to have read. She asked Eddie to identify the map of Italy. Unable to do so, Eddie looked to me for an answer. However, mom insisted that he answer and hinted to him that "Italy is kicking Sicily."

I felt a chill at that realization. On recognizing the visual pun, I expressed my observation that the Map of Dominica, our Caribbean Island home, resembled a penguin and that Guadeloupe, the neighboring island, resembled a butterfly. From that point on, I have always sought hidden images in anything I see.

Map of Dominica Detail of "Dominique"

From that early experience, I have developed a glossary of what I call mnemonic images. A mnemonic image is a commonplace object that mimics a human body part. In my mind's eye, I perceive many mnemonic objects within the images that I am contemplating. For example, one of the most frequently recurrent mnemonic images is the *hand of bananas, which represents *the hand that fed me. It is the hand of my late father,*Mr.Henzie A. Wilson,of Portsmouth, who worked with the Banana Industry for seventeen of my formative years. On contemplating a face, I may perceive boats in a harbor or branches with leaves and flowers. Jugs and other still life objects, reflections in mirrors and human figures in an abundance of visual angles are part of my mnemonic glossary. The landscapes reproduced in my work are characteristically Dominican. Cliffs, bays, coconut trees, mountains, boats moored in the harbor of Portsmouth, my hometown, are repetitive in my work. Fishing villages such as Scottshead (Cashacrou)are incorporated into my painting, *Raphaelesque Cashacrou Madonna.

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